“Streamline tutors were amazing throughout the SAT prep process. They helped me raise my SAT score from a 1870 when I first started with them to a 2300 in just a few months… Other test prep companies in the area that I worked with gave me very little personal attention and used my tutoring time as “busy work” to complete practice tests, which I felt I could do on my own time. Streamline, on the other hand, was by far the most effective at connecting with me since I could tell that they really wanted me to succeed. ” 
-- Former McDonogh Student

"Streamline Tutors propels any student the ability to drastically improve their ACT or SAT scores. Once a specific plan has been designed by Streamline's professional educators, students who stay dedicated and work hard will clearly see major improvements. Streamline has a very low key approach but a very specific plan for each student. We highly suggest contacting Streamline Tutors well in advance to set up a schedule at least 6 months prior to taking any standardize testing. It is true, the more guidance and practice you embark on, the higher your scores will be!" 
-- Parent of Bryn Mawr Student

"Streamline was better than I could have imagined. They were immediately able to read our daughter, and figure out how to tap into her strengths and turn around her weaknesses. She scored a nearly perfect ACT and an 800 on the SAT II Math. Her performance on each standardized test improved significantly (SAT, ACT and others). Our daughter liked best that Ian took the time to get to know her, her personality, and her study style, and made his approach within those parameters. Time and money very well spent!"
-- Parent of McDonogh Student

"With the excellent one-on-one attention provide by Streamline Tutors, my son's overall SAT score increased by over 300 points. Streamline provided my son with highly personalized service, which focused on improving his weaker skills, building on his strengths and increasing his confidence. The mock SAT exams allowed him to experience actual test taking conditions, which help ease his anxiety. Streamline also assisted my son with the college application process. Their guidance helped him choose schools, organize his thoughts for essays, and allowed him to more easily navigate the entire process. My son is now attending a school which he describes as a 'Perfect Fit!'"
-- Parent of Park School Student

“Streamline helped our son get a perfect SAT score… Our son had used Omnitest for to prepare for the SAT his junior year after it was recommended by his college counselor at McDonogh and did fine. He reported he got nothing out of the Omnitest sessions and thought they were a waste of his time and our money. We doubt that he would have gotten a perfect score without Streamline’s instruction. And the perfect score was a huge help in getting into Princeton!” 
-- Parent of Former McDonogh Student

I called my trusted tutor who helped my son hit a home run on his SAT a few years ago and asked if she could help my daughter.  Unfortunately she was overbooked and suggested I call Streamline. She liked the approach that Streamline offered and felt that the methods used were similar to what she offered. It ended up to be a great recommendation. From she start the relationship was very professional. The availability of appointments were convenient to a busy high school student/athlete and the approach taken in preparing my daughter for the SAT was very thorough. I am very glad to have found this invaluable service and I highly recommend it to those who are on the SAT/college path.
-- Parent of Former Bryn Mawr Student