Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching – Middle School & High School

Academic performance and decisions made early on in a student’s academic career have dramatic effects on her later options. Streamline Tutors’ proactive academic advising empowers each student to fulfill her academic potential and achieve her goals.  We help students navigate the demands of middle school and high school through goal-setting, subject tutoring, extracurricular counseling, and organizational and study skills coaching. Our academic coaches propel the intellectual growth and confidence our students need to excel in school and realize their ambitions outside of the classroom.


  • Our Baltimore tutors are graduates of top-tier universities and colleges and know what it takes to succeed.
  • Streamline Tutors is aware of the “bigger picture”: we know the college admissions process and give recommendations to help students make the right academic choices and pursue their passions in unique and impressive ways.
  • Academic Coaches are proficient in all freshmen and sophomore classes and are matched so that the tutor’s strengths complement his or her student’s academic weaknesses.
  • Academic Coaches have experience with students with various learning disabilities.

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