Case Study 4: The Recruited Athlete

January 30, 2018

Executive Summary:

Claire was a star lacrosse player at McDonogh. Her junior year, she was recruited at an Ivy League school — all she needed was a 29 on the ACTStreamline had the perfect one-on-one solution.


Claire’s practice schedule made it impossible to register for a prep class. She needed one-on-one, with flexible timing that kept her committed and focused. The family needed something they knew would work: starting at a 23, those 6 points weren’t going to keep her from a dream come true.


Claire came in with the right attitude, readily adapting to the coach mentality. Her athlete’s mindset helped her focus on the tenable goals she was ready to reach. She wasn’t bogged down by a static conception of “smarts” — she attacked the test prep regimen looking to master the concepts that challenged her most.  

Streamline’s Intervention:

Streamline saw Claire had the potential to make quick gains. Her coaches needed her scores as soon as possible. We worked with her demanding schedule and found a rhythm that was manageable. We capitalized on her motivation and showed her how much she could hope to achieve.


Claire was successfully recruited by the Ivy League school of her dreams!

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