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Common Questions

Do you offer virtual tutoring?

Yes, we do! Our tutors are technologically equipped with SmartyPrep (our exclusive test-prep and self-learning platform) and SmartyBubble (a digital bubblesheet that provides useful data on student performance in practice tests).

With years of virtual tutoring experience backing out tutors, we have seen no difference in results when compared to in-person tutoring. The sessions are still 1-on-1 and the tutor shares screen with the student while on a video call. All homework is assigned online with intuitive directions, while parents receive regular reports on student performance with actionable insights!

What is SmartyPrep?
SmartyPrep provides instant feedback to students working on concepts and test strategies at home. It contains practice material that complements the in-session tutoring and assigned homework. Oftentimes students are assigned SmartyPrep for homework and you will receive email updates pertaining to those assignments. Sign up here.
What is SAT/ACT Primer?

Click here to find out!

How much tutoring do you recommend for test prep?
If your student has official scores below 30 on the ACT and/or 1400 on the SAT, we recommend five months of consistent tutoring with sessions occurring once a week (approximately 30 hours of tutoring). Each session is 1.5 hours.
What is Concept Review Phase?
Does your child know how to punctuate non-essential clauses, identify dangling modifiers, complete the square of a quadratic function, or rationalize the denominator of an imaginary number? The new SAT is very concept-heavy. Without dedicated comprehensive review of all the concepts on the test, an easy or medium question can seem hard simply because of a lack of familiarity. Therefore, we commit an appropriate amount of time to learning and reviewing all of the relevant concepts prior to engaging in practice tests. The concept review phase is thorough and absolutely necessary.
How does scheduling work?
Consistency is key! We recommend students pick a day and time that they can commit to for the full arrangement. Scheduling will be agreed upon by management, the tutor, and the student/parents. We will help you strategically pick two test dates that align with the tutoring arrangement. If you know you are going to miss a session, it is imperative that you alert your tutor 24 hours prior and reschedule the session as soon as possible.
How do you determine which test is the best fit: SAT or ACT?
Mindprint Learning doesn’t just assist with determining whether a student should take the ACT or SAT; it gives us insight into how best to reach your student based on his or her specific learning profile.  Mindprint Learning also helps us tease out learning differences that would merit accommodations. Mindprint Learning is an affordable way to make sure it is worth upwards of $3000 and 6 hours of time to do a psych ed evaluation.
Where does tutoring take place?
Tutoring takes place at either office location: 318 Wyndhurst Ave in Roland Park or 9141 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. Can’t make it to one of our offices? We offer virtual tutoring via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts at no additional cost.
Are all services 1-on-1?
At Streamline, we strongly believe in giving our full attention to every single student that works with us. Everyone is unique, and it requires immense attention in order to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a student, which in return helps us build a custom plan for them. Thus, we only offer 1-on-1 services – whether it is test-prep, subject tutoring, college counseling or academic coaching.

Happy Customers

“Ian at Streamline Tutors was phenomenal! My daughter was able to achieve an ACT score higher than we thought possible. Through Ian’s clear teaching, testing tips, and methodical assessment, she improved her standardized testing score by over 200 SAT equivalent points. Ian was candid and straightforward and built a very fruitful relationship with my daughter to help her achieve her goal. Elena was great with communication during scheduling and was accommodating to my daughter’s schedule. It is because of the work that Ian did to help my daughter improve her scores that she was able to commit to play lacrosse at her dream school. There are not enough superlatives to describe my experience with Streamline Tutors.”

“So grateful for Streamline Tutors for helping us negotiate this process. They evaluated our son to determine which test was more appropriate for him and made a recommendation, which was very helpful. He met with the same tutor over the period of a couple of months and saw a 6 point increase in his ACT score. Scheduling make up sessions was easy and weekly reminders were sent. We highly recommend Streamline.”

“When I first took the PSAT as a sophomore, I received a score of 1220. After tutoring with Mr. Ian Siegel, my score improved to a 1510: almost 300 points! I found the educational technology especially beneficial because it allowed me to practice new concepts learned in class, keep track of progress, and move through SAT concepts faster. Before this tutoring experience, I had never had one on one learning experience. Suffice it to say, this was one of the best aspects of StreamLine Tutors. Alongside their intensive and well-designed materials, I was given all the attention needed to ensure my success in the SAT. I am now excited to be applying early decision to Johns Hopkins as a Computer Science Major with a focus on Natural Language Processing. I am so thankful for the commitment and hard work Mr. Ian Siegel, and all the tutors at Streamline Tutoring, have given!”

“My daughter had a great experience with Streamline Tutors. After working with her tutor for many weeks she was able to raise her ACT score 5 points. Many factors contributed to this outcome such as the initial diagnostics of her sample exam, a one-on-one environment, learning to pace yourself time-wise, test strategies, and just overall comfort and confidence for the test itself. We were very happy with the results and highly recommend Streamline.”

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