MindPrint Diagnostic

Unveil your student’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses through attributes like Verbal Reasoning, Cognitive Flexibility, Processing Speed, and 7 others.

Open to ages 8 and up!

MindPrint Header Background

What you get:

  • A cognitive profile like the sample below
  • A 12 page document with teaching techniques to try
  • A 30 min consultation with our assistant director about helping your kid meet their potential

Sample Mindprint:

Sample Mindprint report


We are truly grateful for the opportunity to conduct the Mindprint Cognitive Assessment with our two middle school aged boys. The subsequent follow up consultation was invaluable. We can now provide the type of learning environment that will allow them to thrive. With the help of Streamline Tutors we plan to continue academic coaching for years to come, especially as we enter test highschool test prep years!

– Coppermine Parent

Stop guessing why your kid has trouble in certain classes or with certain teachers. Stop guessing why your kid “doesn’t test well.” Put cutting edge education psychology tech and academic mentorship in your corner.