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Streamline’s Mission

At Streamline Tutors, we believe that education is the key to meaningful, long-term success. Now more than ever, higher education is increasingly difficult to access as admission becomes more and more competitive. We understand that this puts an enormous strain on families and children, making them feel confused and powerless. Our expert Maryland tutors work at every level to help families navigate these demands, empowering students with the insight and guidance they need to make the most of their academic careers.

Our tutoring service is proactive in its approach.  We know that conventional wisdom about secondary education is not applicable to every student and can even work to one’s detriment. In such a competitive environment, every academic and extracurricular choice a student makes has ripple effects on his or her future prospects.  This is why the crux of our service lies in our ability to make effective academic and extracurricular recommendations and craft personalized learning solutions for our students.  

In short, through our mastery of subject material, our motivational style and our excellent guidance, our Maryland tutors help students set and achieve personalized goals while cultivating an intellectual identity that will serve them throughout their academic careers.

Meet Streamline’s Director

With over 6 years and 12,000 hours of full-time tutoring experience, Director and CEO Ian Siegel uses his results-oriented philosophy to propel success in school, on standardized tests, and in the college admissions process.  Ian consistently scores in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT, has written over 2,000 critical reading questions for Streamline’s supplemental tool SmartyReader, and constantly finds way to innovate to make Streamline as impactful as possible on your student’s academic success.  Ian’s philosophy rests in the belief that transformative growth is possible with any student.  It’s just a matter of synthesizing the right tools and instruction.

Ian’s specialties: SAT prep, ACT test prep, college admissions, and academic and extracurricular counseling. To reserve a spot on his waiting list, contact Streamline for a free consultation.



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