Most parents start thinking about SAT/ACT Prep too late, meaning their students don’t get the chance to tap into their full potential. When test prep doesn’t work out, they throw up their hands thinking that their student is a bad test taker when the reality is likely one of the following:

  • The approach and timeline weren’t customized to the student’s needs.
  • They needed accommodations that they were unaware of
  • They ended up pursuing the wrong test.

Our Solution: The SAT/ACT Primer.

The primer allows us to

  • Determine which test is best suited for each student.
  • Customize a test prep strategy based on the student’s abilities.
  • Identify learning profiles and potential need for accommodations

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Our Process

Unlock the mystery of your student and the SAT/ACT

First we determine WHAT the student’s skills are…

  • Know whether you are an SAT or ACT kid with our expert insight into your performance
  • Know what concepts you need to master to optimize your performance

Then, we analyze WHY a student performs the way they did…

  • Take a 1-hour assessment and get a detailed report of cognitive strengths/areas of untapped potential
  • Detect latent learning difficulties before investing the time and money into a psych ED evaluation

Then, we determine HOW your student can maximize their score with a customized plan.

  • 4 one-hour subject specific crash-courses with our expert tutors who attended top- 20 universities and scored in the 98th percentile on the SAT/ACT
  • A free consultation with our assistant director.

Come away with a comprehensive understanding of the test AND your student

 Common Questions

  • My student already has PSAT scores, why should my student enroll in the SAT/ACT Primer?
    • You may know how your student did on the test, but what is more important is understanding WHY. There are many factors involved in student performance on standardized tests, and the mixture of Mind Print Learning testing, Streamline’s hybrid diagnostic, and Streamline’s ability to assess your student’s reception of each test through an intimate class setting allows for an unrivaled assessment of your student and his or her testing performance.
  • How do the classes work?
    • We use SmartyBubble’s superior data analysis algorithms to differentiate students by performance and place similarly scoring students into small groups, creating an intimate, customized small group setting.  In these groups, students will not only learn the differences between the SAT and ACT but also address their weaknesses.
  • What if we are interested in tutoring?
    • For a limited number of students, the cost of the Primer can be applied to a one-on-one test prep package with Streamline Tutors, LLC.

PRICE: $250*

*$50 off standard price

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What you get:

  • Diagnostic report with concept breakdown, college matches
  • Access expert tutors who attended top- 20 universities and scored in the 98th percentile on the SAT/ACT
  • Mindprint cognitive screening ($150 value)


Day 1:

9:00 AM: 4.5 hours-Hybrid SAT/ACT diagnostic test 

Day 2:

9:00-11:00 AM: Two-1 hour subject specific crash courses


12:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Two-1 hour subject specific crash courses

Mindprint Learning Screening:

Once you have registered we will be in touch to schedule the one hour screening at either of our two locations.

Your expert tutors:

       Ian Siegel                     Andy Kim                   Olivia Sullivan           Kristina Lewis



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