We pride ourselves on delivering the best tutoring service available across the United States. Our constant focus on quality and training means delivering solid results for all our clients, irrespective of the service they choose. Thus, it is no surprise that most of our clients find us through referrals and word of mouth. We want to make sure that we are acknowledging all the help that our clients and students provide us in helping us reach out to wider regions.

Thank you for every single referral that you make. We hope that the gifts below are able show our appreciation towards your contribution in our growth 🙂

Referral Offers

Current Clients

$100 OFF for both Referrer and Referred Parties (stackable)

Applicable for Referred Clients located in Maryland who use our Test Prep services. This offer stacks for every referral you make.

Note: If the referred client is outside of Maryland, then better offers and discounts are available below.

2 FREE sessions ($360 value) + 20% Discount for the Referred Party (stackable)

Applicable to clients outside MD – Get 2 free session hours for every customer you refer outside of Maryland. 20% off the entire curriculum for the referred party. Applies to all standard services outside of Education Planning.

1 FREE Strategic Positioning Session

Applicable to clients seeking personal statement and college strategy services. Referrer and referred party get a free college strategy session (1.25 hours).

If you opt in for the complete Personal Statement / Personal Development package, then you get a 25% discount. Details in the next offer.

25% ($1150 value) OFF on Personal Development Package

10 hours with an expert Educational Consultant & 10 additional hours with an Essay Coach. This package normally costs $4600, but you can get 25% ($1150) off for yourself and the referred party when both sign up before January 31, 2022. Applies to all clients.

Have a Doubt?

Referral FAQs

Who are "Current Clients"?
Current Clients refer to the clients who have students actively taking tutoring sessions with Streamline.
Who is the Referrer?
The term “Referrer” implies the client who is referring other people (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) about Streamline’s services.
Who is the Referred Party?
The term “Referrered Party” implies a new closed client that learnt about Streamline’s services through a Referrer. Note that a new client is considered a “Referred Party” ONLY after 2 successful sessions.
How Do I Avail These Offers?
Simply fill out the forms embedded in the Referral Offers Dropdowns on the right. Once a referred party closes the deal, we will process the curresponding discounts accordingly.

Referral Offers

Past Clients

$200 Donation in your name for the SmartyScholars Program

We will donate $200 in your name for every client you refer.

Referred parties in Maryland get $100 discount.

Referred Parties outside of Maryland get 20% off the entire curriculum.

20% off on Education Planning, Personal Statement and Counseling
Applicable to all past clients and the party they refer. Please contact us for more details regarding this offer.

Who are "Past" clients?
Past clients are those who are not availing any active services from Streamline Tutors at the moment.
What is Education Planning?
Please visit this page for more details on Education Planning.
Are these offers stackable?
You can stack different offers only by referring multiple people. However, you cannot stack the same offer on top of itself (unless specified in the offer details). For example, if you refer three different people who end up becoming paying clients for Streamline, you can avail three different offers at the same time.