College Counseling

Comprehensive essay package: 

  • Up to sixteen 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions 
  • Unlimited essay help/editing outside of sessions for personal statement and supplemental essays

Personal statement package: 

  • Up to eight 1-hour 1-on-1 sessions
  • Unlimited essay help/editing outside of sessions for personal statement exclusively

Streamline’s Director is available for ad hoc sessions to evaluate and optimize student’s admissions profile, develop intellectual & personal identity, and execute application.

Positioning your student for success in admissions

Given the competitive nature of college admissions today, selective colleges and universities are looking beyond GPA and standardized test scores to make holistic admissions decisions for every freshman class.
As a result, the quality of the intangible aspects of college applications — application essays, teacher recommendations, interviews, and other supplemental material – can be the difference between an acceptance and rejection letter.

Streamline Tutors’ specialists use their extensive experience helping students gain admission to the most selective colleges and universities across the country, offering a comprehensive service that optimizes all of the intangible aspects of your student’s applications.

Approximate Timeframe: June – December


PHASE I: evaluation & optimization of student’s admissions profile

PHASE II: development of student’s intellectual & personal identity
PHASE III: execution of application

PHASE IV: first to final draft with essay specialist

PHSAE V: wrap up

College Selection

After multiple discussions and hours of research, we compile a college list of up to 12 colleges and universities based upon your student’s GPA, standardized test scores, and fit (size, location, setting, strength of program, student body, extracurricular activities, etc.). Normally,
the list will include a risk distribution of five “reach schools,” five “target schools,” and two “safety schools.”

Letters of Recommendation

The recommendation letter is one of the least discussed aspects of college application, but, unbeknownst to many, one of the most important. We therefore treat the process of choosing
recommenders very seriously and help our students craft reflections about their time in class and interests and passions moving forward so that their recommenders have the best information at their fingertips to write the most compelling, personalized letters.

Personal Statement/Supplemental Essays

Even the most talented high school writers face a daunting task when applying to college: they
must write a personal statement that helps them stand out among thousands of applicants with similar credentials. Furthermore, students applying to highly selective colleges must write numerous additional essays on a variety of topics.

This is why the brainstorming and essay editing process constitute the crux of our service. By
mapping out the essays your student must write, providing constant feedback, and ensuring
that the finished product provides a unique and compelling insight into your child’s experiences and identity, we give your family the peace of mind that your child is putting forth his or her best work.

Scholarship Essays/Applications

We offer essay assistance with up to three scholarship essays. Any additional essay involves an
additional cost of $300. Note: We exclusively help with scholarships offered by the colleges
your student applies to. We do NOT assist with scholarship opportunities offered by
independent organizations.

List of Activities

To the untrained eye, the activity sheet is simply a chart that includes a description of activities, years of involvement, hours per week, weeks per year, positions held, and honors earned. Knowing how admissions officers interpret the activity list, we understand that it is much more than just a chart. Admissions officers are assessing how extracurricular activities are either impacting academic performance because of their strenuous time commitments or thematically reinforcing other facets of the application like application essays and teacher
recommendations. For this reason, we pay special attention to how your student organizes the
list and conveys its specific contents.

Interview Preparation

Through mock interviews, we help your student devise strategic talking points, giving him or
her practice and confidence to excel during actual interviews with admissions officers and

Final Application Review

Once essays and supplemental materials are ready to submit, we review your student’s
applications, using our knowledge of admissions trends to make any necessary changes, select
intended majors, and include any helpful information that your student may have otherwise


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