Standardized Test Prep


Streamline Tutors specializes in maximizing student scores on the SAT and ACT. Our one-on-one tutoring regimen has three phases:

Phase I (Diagnostic Review):

Providing an overview of the test structure, concepts, and test-taking strategies

Phase II (Concept Review):


1-3 months of consistent weekly sessions providing a breakdown and analysis of each concept at play in each section of the test

Phase III (Practice Tests):

1-3 months of consistent weekly sessions providing rigorous establishment of best test-taking practices and strategies

In addition to the time spent in session, Streamline students are expected to complete 3-4 hours of homework every week. During the practice test phase, this is in the form of bi-weekly proctored mock examinations administered at our office. These bi-weekly proctored tests are opportunities for our students to develop an awareness of the time constraints of the official test, mark their progress, and grow in confidence in preparation for test day.

We see students through two official tests — the first after completing the concept review phase, and the final upon completion of the entire regimen. 

Sessions are typically an hour and a half, and take place at either our Roland Park office or Owings Mills locations. We offer session packages as well as pay-as-you-go plans. 

SmartyPrep is a skill-building app with high quality content and questions that test student’s abilities. SmartyPrep is designed specifically for test prep and critical thinking skills development. Not only does SmartyPrep help students build additional skills necessary for standardized testing and to excel in the classroom, but it also adapts to students’ abilities, creating a personalized program. Here at Streamline Tutors, we highly recommend SmartyPrep as supplemental material to our program and for student accountability. Streamline clients can access SmartyPrep at a discounted price. Interested in SmartyPrep? Visit www.smartyprep.com

SAT II’s (Subject Tests)

Streamline Tutors offers tutoring for the following subject tests:

  • Math II
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Literature
  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Select Languages (ie. French, Spanish, etc.)

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