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Streamline Tutors specializes in maximizing students’ standardized tests scores. In order to optimize score improvements, it is critical students focus on preparing for one test: SAT or ACT. We require most prospective test prep students to take a 1-hour cognitive assessment to help determine which test is the best fit.


Our one-on-one test prep curriculum has three phases:

Phase I (Diagnostic Review): 1 -2 sessions

Overview of the test structure, concepts, and test-taking strategies

Phase II (Concept Review): 1 – 3 months

Thorough breakdown and analysis of each concept in isolation through targeted homework (Streamline’s test prep books and SmartyPrep). In addition to reviewing previously learned concepts, students will also be taught some higher level concepts from the ground up.




Phase III (Practice Tests): 2 – 3 months

Now it is the time for students to progress from awareness to mastery. During this phase, students should expect to complete one timed full-length practice test per week. Completed tests will be reviewed each week during the subsequent tutoring session.

*In addition to the time spent in session, Streamline students are expected to complete 3-4 hours of homework every week.

*We see students through at least two official tests — the first after completing the concept review phase and the final upon completion of the entire curriculum. Students should attend at least one proctored practice test prior to each official test.

*Tutoring sessions typically take place once per week and each session is 1.5 hours. Sessions can take place at either location (Roland Park or Owings Mills) or virtually.

SmartyPrep is a skill-building app with high quality content and questions that test student’s abilities. It is designed specifically for test prep and critical thinking skills development. Not only does it help students build additional skills necessary for standardized testing and to excel in the classroom, but it also adapts to students’ abilities, creating a personalized program. At Streamline Tutors, we highly recommend SmartyPrep as supplemental material to our program and for student accountability.

Our clients can access SmartyPrep at a discounted price. Visit www.smartyprep.com

SAT II’s (Subject Tests)

Streamline Tutors offers tutoring for the following subject tests:

  • Math II
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Literature
  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Select Languages (ie. French, Spanish, etc.)


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