Subject Tutoring

Now more than ever, parents are waking up to the importance of efficient, personalized instruction. Streamline Tutors will transform your student’s grades and their academic confidence through the 5 bedrock practices below

SAT and ACT score improvements

1-on-1 academic mentorship isn’t just for “struggling” students. It’s for students who want to perform at their best. When athletes want to perform at their best, they get a personal trainer. When students do, they come to Streamline.

A Few Of The Subjects We Tutor

▣ Elementary through High School
▣ All AP classes
▣ Pre-Calc
▣ Physics

▣ US History
▣ Biology
▣ Chemistry
▣ Fundamentals of Reading and Writing
▣ Math Fundamentals
▣ Coding and Comp Science

If you don’t see a class on this list, just reach out. We have you covered.

Prices starting at $65/hr

We take time to deeply understand each student

The Mindprint diagnostic and rigorous 1-on-1 mentorship training leads to exceptionally efficient instruction. Even before the first session, our tutors will have studied your child’s cognitive profile, their learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Each subsequent session is an added opportunity to better understand and better instruct your child.

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We tailor everything to each student’s goals and abilities

Our 1-on-1 mentorship is completely customized to each student’s individual needs. The Mindprint cognitive assessment, a parent questionnaire, and a free 30-minute consultation help determine the optimal tutor, schedule, content, and instructional techniques for your curriculum.

We transform the hearts and minds of students

Our tutors aren’t just “another teacher.” They are engaging, motivating mentors. Transformative academic growth comes from positive academic relationships in which students actually enjoy the lesson and are inspired to do the work. Our students know their tutor cares about them and their success. They know to ask any and all questions without the fear of judgement. How many times have you heard your child say they enjoyed a lesson? We hear it all the time.

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We make every moment count

A 1984 study found that students who experience 1-on-1 tutoring outperform their classroom-bound peers by 2 standard deviations. That’s comparable to adding around 300 points to an SAT score. Each minute of 1-on-1 instruction has transformative potential, so we don’t waste parents or students time teaching students what they already know.

We set a new standard for virtual learning

Perfecting the synergy of our cutting edge technology and our expert instruction was a company focus long before the pandemic. And 1-on-1 virtual instruction is completely different from full virtual classrooms.

Don’t just make it through the year, own it. If you find yourself aligning with any of the thoughts below, 1-on-1 mentorship is the answer you’re looking for.

I feel like my student is falling behind because he/she

– won’t devote the same focus to academics.
– goes to a school whose switch to virtual has resulted in a significantly truncated curriculum.
– isn’t getting adequate social time and individual attention from teachers.
– struggles with staying on top of assignments without the structure that in-person class provides.
– isn’t experiencing the same quality of instruction.
– is struggling with motivational issues that have been caused or exacerbated by the lack of in-person school.

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We’ve turned educating your student into a science. We use results from your student’s cognitive assessment as well as your responses to our questionnaire to craft a personalized learning plan based on these factors:

Gilman Student

Now when I study on my own, I am able to practice the ways my tutor taught me to check off the rubric boxes, which gives me a lot of confidence.

Boys Latin Student

Kartik is very knowledgeable and explains topics so students can understand them. I have no bad things to say.

CCBC Student

Alina is an amazing tutor! Her patience and drive to make sure her student succeeds is why she’s so good at what she does. She was able to help me understand all the chapters and also get a head start on my summer math class.

Friends Student

I had a fun tutor who challenged me in all aspects of my ACT studying.

CCBC Student

I highly recommend Alina for students who struggle and want to make sure they have a tutor as patient and understand as she is!

Beth Tfiloh Student

I really value the relationship that we formed, and it’s extremely beneficial to have honest feedback from you. I was extremely enthusiastic about my Calculus score, and you helped me tremendously throughout the semester in Physics.

Gilman Student

The tutoring that I received was great. The approach being focused on strategy and how the test functions was what let me get a 5 on my APUSH exam.

Gilman Student

Tutoring with Kartik was great… thumbs up.

Boys Latin Student

If I need help with Calc BC (which I eventually will), I will definitely go to Streamline first.

McDonogh Parent

What many do not know is that Streamline Tutors provides a variety of services other than standardized testing prep. We have a dyslexic student who has not adjusted to virtual school as well as we had hoped. Michael Foster, an exceptional Biology tutor, provided clear explanations with exceptional patience that made complex Biology concepts easier to understand. 

McDonogh Parent

With Michael’s help, our student finished in the top of his Biology class.