Melanie Haroun (McDonogh)

My son is an excellent student in school, but his 10th grade PSAT and pre-ACT scores didn’t match his academic performance. I talked to a few friends with older kids and they recommended Ian at Streamline Tutors. Joe started working with Ian in June of this year. Ian looked at his scores and decided that he is naturally better at the ACT than SAT so decided to focus on this test only. They met weekly through the summer as much as our vacation schedule allowed, with the goal of taking the October test. Joe started with prep books, and then moved on to practice tests. Before the scheduled test, Streamline offered in center simulated practice tests to help prepare for the real thing. There were many frustrating moments where Joe didn’t feel like he was improving, but Ian felt confident in him and kept him focused. The big day came, and Joe walked out with a smile. He felt pretty good. The scores arrived a few weeks later and his composite score came up 4 points from baseline, including a perfect score in one subject and near perfect in two others. We couldn’t be happier with the experience and would highly recommend Streamline.


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